Thursday, November 27, 2008

So thankful...

This year there are so many things I am thankful for.

1) God - I don't know where or who I would be without His love.
2) That I get to be married to this awesome man:

3) That I have this crazy but amazing son:

4) My crazy family - I love that we have a lot of family here in the Phoenix area. Today we travelled to Tucson to eat at my cousin Kristen's house.

Here is Jake playing (but NOT PLAYING) football:

Shawn and J by the emptied out birdbath:

Not sure what's going on here.

Noah kept himself very busy by taking all of our 'orders' for drinks. Much better than last year, when he charged us per appetizer!

A bunch of us hanging out on the patio. It was cool and rainy, but still nice enough to be outside!

I'm very thankful for this turkey. It was incredible and looking at the picture is making me hungry all over again!

J playing catch with Uncle Mick:

And then he found a sword - he loved it.

The pretty table (J kept pointing to the guy pilgrim and saying: "Dada!" very funny)

And J's first thanksgiving dinner. Last year he was 5 months old and I refused to give him any of the food - how silly! He loved the cranberry sauce and the rolls. And he ate a couple pieces of turkey.

Silly Ari and Cher:

Non-silly Ari and Cher:

This is the last pic on my camera because the battery died and I didn't bring the spare..but the kids (Noah, Ari and Jacob) put on a 'play' for us while we were waiting to have pie. It was a 'western-pilgrim' story, then it changed to just a plain western story. Noah was the Sheriff, Ari was Crystal the waitress, and Jacob played dual roles as Mad Dog Cannon and a henchman. It was hilarious and the kids did a great job. I'll never forget Jacob's very serious "mad dog" face or Ari popping up and down from behind 'the bar.' I hope it's an annual tradition.

5) (you didn't think I forgot about my list, did you?) I'm also very thankful for my friends. In the last year I've been blessed with friendships that I could have never imagined, and I'm so thankful for every single one of them.


Andrea said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time! I tagged you look at my last post!!! :)

Mrs. Spice said...

I'm thankful for your friendship!