Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Water & Walmart

On Sunday we met up with Grandma and Grandpa G at Desert Breeze Park...they were there fishing and we haven't hung out with them for awhile. (They live in Casa Grande and gas is kind of a killer right now) They weren't having any luck fishing so we headed over to the splash pad with J.

J & Grandma G

Mama and J

Jeremiah running wild.

Jeremiah had so much fun! I can't believe how much he enjoyed himself. Then this little...child...came up while he was playing in the spray on the elephant and grabbed his hand and yanked it down - hard. Shawn was standing right there and intervened, I was a couple feet away and yelled: "HEY YOU DON'T TOUCH HIM!!" and nearly...well...I wanted to as Ronnie (Grandpa) said: "Give him a paddling." What business does a 5 yr old (or so) grabbing at a little toddler? I wish his parents would have been around, oooooh man.

J has these goofy new expressions - they all kind of look like this one:

And he is really into books right now. He'll sit there (with them upside down of course) and look at them. It's sweet.

Yesterday we took a trip to Walmart so I could get my oil changed. *cue more ranting about how I wandered the store for an hour while waiting for them to call me, only to be told when I showed up at the automotive dept to find out the status on my car that they didn't change my oil because they didn't have my filter and no one bothered calling me to let me know. I was so mad I nearly cried right there!!*

I did see some funny stuff, Jen this made me think of Sean, does he have one?

And then this lady...was walking across the street with a comforter set on her head, she wasn't holding it. I felt like I was in Africa for a split second, then hurried to grab my camera. (Kristi, this was on Vineyard and 35th Ave)


Jen said...

You're so funny! He DOES have one. He bought it off an informercial...thought it would revolutionize his head shaving...it didn't.

The Johnson Family said...

Kids & Parents...on Monday Otis had story time at the library and afterwards he wanted to play on their indoor playground. A little girl (about 6 yrs) came up to him and grabbed him from the back of his shirt choking him so she could go first. I was furious and there was no parent in site. I've been so jealous of J at the splash pad but ours opened on Saturday. Yeah!!

Kristi said...

Wow. We live in the mecca of things that we are unfamiliar! I should try that...