Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I went outside this afternoon during J's nap to take a picture of this:

(If don't understand, that is the temperature of our back patio - it's on the left hand side. You read it right...154. Outside air temp is 109. It's HOT HOT HOT!)

While I was out there, I decided that our plants look very sad and burnt..mostly burnt, so why not turn on the hose and water them? While I'm watering our Nicholas tree, this little guy shows up and sits on the ground almost in the spray of the hose.

I was so shocked and worried about scaring him off that I slooooowwly pulled out my camera and set down the hose...at which point he flew off. But not far - onto a branch of the tree! So I took a few more shots - thank you digital zoom! I was probably at most 2 feet away from him - isn't he pretty? Love all the colors!

(You can see the water beads on his head from where he jumped in the spray! Wow!!)

(for my midwestern friends, it's a hummingbird, LOL!)


Astraea said...

We hit 75 today! :)

The Johnson Family said...

109 would be nice for a day! Your little friend looks so peaceful. Wonder if he will return?

Shelly said...

Really nice pictures!! 154!! Wholy cow! It must be A LOT hotter on your side of Phoenix! LOL

Jen said...

I want you camera!

Shannon said...

We do have hummingbirds in Wisconsin, silly!

Andrea said...

Wow those are cool, I can't believe how hot it is!