Thursday, June 26, 2008


Those of you in Phoenix have probably heard about the fire (or fires?) out here in Laveen. I see two distinct sets of smoke when I look and I just took these pics from our backyard.

That...dim thing? Is the sun. The smoke got thicker after I took this and the sun was completely gone. It smells.

As for not posting anything else this week...well, I'm still in denial. About what, you ask? Well...J's birthday is tomorrow. And I'm pretending like it's not happening. I really don't want my baby to turn least not yet.

Edited to add more pics - we just ran to Walmart for a few things and guess what? It's RAINING ash. nice.

Ash on my car.

Pics from Baseline Rd - by the park (obviously)

This is by 43rd Avenue and Baseline - looks ugly!


Shelly said...

OHH Man! I didn't realize how close to your house it is!
I know that is is hard to think J is a year old! Jayden is right behind him! It scares me!! He is getting so big!

Andrea said...

that is way too close! one is a FUN age, they learn so much and can start understanding stuff more... it really is great, just think you are much much closer to not having to change poopy diapers anymore!!!

Carin said...

I'm concerned...the fire looks so close to you.
as for the b-day thing
I feel your pain. I'm in denial that April will be 8 in about 3 weeks. I could have sworn she should only be 2 maybe 3 but not 8!
Happy Birthday J!!