Monday, June 30, 2008

12 month check up and pics!

Today we had J's appt to make sure he's on track for his age. Here are the stats: Weight: 19lbs 9.5oz - 10th percentile (Darn it - we were hoping for 20lbs so we could turn him around)
Height: 31 1/2"!!! - 90th percentile. So he's still tall and lean LOL!
He got three shots and I nearly cried - I am usually tough but today it got to me. He screamed big time and I had to hold him down - maybe that's why.

So...back to J's first birthday. We didn't do much - Shawn had his final class that weekend so he wasn't able to meet us for lunch or take the day off. the morning J and I headed over to ABC cakes on Indian School Rd for some supplies. I'm no baker like Candie (did I spell that right, I'm sorry if I didn't!) but I am thinking (and hoping) that I can make a cupcake-cake for J's birthday. We'll see. Then it was lunchtime and I gave him a cup cake from his practice cake. This video is kind of long (3 mins) but he liked it ok, I think:

Then we went to the dollar store and I had to force him to stay awake til 112pm - when he was born. I took some pics and video: I am not a singer, so I apologize. He was not impressed at all, as you can tell. He really only wanted to go take a nap!

After his 2nd nap we headed to Fresh & Easy, a store he absolutely loves. His favorite worker is an Indian guy named Sudesh, I'm sure I'm spelling that wrong. But J just loves him - he points at him and expects him to come over and make conversation with him. At F&E we picked up some pizza for dinner and J played peekaboo with Shawn when he was done eating. It was so funny! So just an update on what J is able to do - obviously he walks, but also climbs or tries to climb on everything. He knows several signs: "more" "all done" "milk" "water" "dog" "elephant" "hat." He doesn't speak any words yet - Shawn says he said "Uh oh" in front of him but I haven't heard it. He has 7 (almost 8) teeth and we're just waiting for his molars to come in next. He is very funny and likes it when he does something to make Shawn, or I, or both of us laugh. He'll do it over and over again and laugh when we laugh. It's so fun!


Andrea said...

Oh yeah, I forgot they can turn around at 20 lbs!! He's almost there! I want to try that Fresh & Easy store one of these days, I heard good things about them.
I'm sure the cupcake cake will turn out awesome!

The Johnson Family said...

He sure is a tall little boy! Rea was 28 inches last week. As far as J talking our pediatrician says 'they either walk or they talk'. We all know J's been walking for quite some time now. Cherish the time when he doesn't talk because before you know it he will never stop!

Nichole, Jeff & Baby "peanut" said...

I am just in shock 1st that J is already a year.. it just seems like yesterday when you said you were pregnant.. oh my. Then how big he has gotten in the last year.. your baby is growing so fast that must be kind of hard, his pictures are adorable :)

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday!

I think most people would turn him around but we kept CP rear-facing until 15 months.

Clarissa was 17lb, 13oz and 28 inches
at 1 year.

Also, F&E has the yummiest 100% juice fruit punch. only 1.79 for 64 oz. I sound like a commercial...

Jennifer said...

He is the cutest babes with those big eyes!! Time Flys by man.

Carin said...

what a little man he's growing into. We miss you guys