Saturday, October 29, 2011

First Soccer Game

Jeremiah had his first soccer game last Satursday and, well, it didn't go that great.  Because it's a 'fun league' there are no scores kept - but J certainly is smart enough to figure out that his team didn't score any goals while the other team scored goal after goal.  He was definitely discouraged, but I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing for him to feel that.  (He's used to winning around here.) 

Go J go!

After a disappointing game, we went downtown for pizza and stumbled across a fun festival. 
We got to meet Curious George!

And the kids got their faces painted.

Oooooh!  Scary!

My two skeletons.

It turned out to be a really fun day.  Since Sarah's not napping anymore, we stayed out until 2pm or so.  As much as I miss her napping - it is fun to just stay out and do things! 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Jeremiah's first field trip!

This past week, Jeremiah had his first school field trip.  It was fun.  Hot...but fun!

We picked vegetables...

Went through a corn maze...

Took a crazy train ride through the fields...

Um...played in a corn box?  It was like a sand box.  With corn.

Corn Angels!!

Hot day + busy kids = SNOWCONE!

Feeding a sweet horse.

And a BIG pumpkin!

Sarah got one, too.

We had a fun day - the kids were great.  We were so dusty and sweaty that when we got home the kids took a bath, then a nap.  It was fantastic!  

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Jeremiah started in the Laveen Soccer League last week.  We missed our first game, as we were basking in beautiful weather in Pinetop, but he's been enjoying practice SO MUCH!

All dressed and ready to go - shin guards and his soccer shirt!

He doesn't stop running the entire time!  I can't wait for his first game.

His coach is a friend's husband, so Jeremiah knows him.  He loves it, and of course, Sarah wishes she could play, too.  Today she cried because she couldn't join the 'huddle' before practice.  Poor thing!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Out Of Africa Wildlife Park!

We took a trip this past weekend to Camp Verde, to visit the Out of Africa Wildlife park.  It was so much fun!

Sarah and I, waiting for the "Safari Tour" to start.

The zebras came right up to the bus!

This guy was so cool (can't remember what he was called!)

J showing off his carrot, ready to feed the giraffe!

Missed the photo op of J feeding him - but this guy stuck his head right into our bus!

We saw the 'tiger splash' show - we were right in the front row, so the fence was a little in the way. was awesome - these people in there with the tiger might be certifiable!

Jeremiah got to feed the tiger!

And of course, whatever big brother does, Sarah must do, also. 
They both showed NO fear!

Even with this big lioness staring at them - probably no more than 10 feet away - they were like 'whatever'!

We had so much fun!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Puggles and Cubbies

We're about a month into Awana - and things are going so well!  Jeremiah knows the routine but his Cubbies class has grown quite a bit - I think there are 25 kids in his class.  Thankfully, there are at least 5 teachers.  He has a lot of friends in class from last year and also from Mops.  He's determined to get a teddy bear this year (that means he has to memorize every verse from his book!) and he's extremely motivated with that, so we're working hard on his verse every week. 

Sarah is warming up to Puggles.  This last class she didn't cry when she was dropped off (Shawn took her to class - maybe that's why) but she even told a teacher "I'm not crying today!"  She also didn't use her blankie, which she normally clings to for dear life.  I'm already noticing a difference in her vocabulary - she is trying to speak more clearly, since I think the teachers can't understand her like Shawn or I do.  So she's trying harder to pronounce her words correctly, which I love!  She also has several friends from Mops in her class, too.