Sunday, October 23, 2011

Jeremiah's first field trip!

This past week, Jeremiah had his first school field trip.  It was fun.  Hot...but fun!

We picked vegetables...

Went through a corn maze...

Took a crazy train ride through the fields...

Um...played in a corn box?  It was like a sand box.  With corn.

Corn Angels!!

Hot day + busy kids = SNOWCONE!

Feeding a sweet horse.

And a BIG pumpkin!

Sarah got one, too.

We had a fun day - the kids were great.  We were so dusty and sweaty that when we got home the kids took a bath, then a nap.  It was fantastic!  

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Shannon said...

The place I went to get pumpkins this year with my niece and nephews had a corn box!! Interesting idea, that's for sure.