Saturday, October 1, 2011

Puggles and Cubbies

We're about a month into Awana - and things are going so well!  Jeremiah knows the routine but his Cubbies class has grown quite a bit - I think there are 25 kids in his class.  Thankfully, there are at least 5 teachers.  He has a lot of friends in class from last year and also from Mops.  He's determined to get a teddy bear this year (that means he has to memorize every verse from his book!) and he's extremely motivated with that, so we're working hard on his verse every week. 

Sarah is warming up to Puggles.  This last class she didn't cry when she was dropped off (Shawn took her to class - maybe that's why) but she even told a teacher "I'm not crying today!"  She also didn't use her blankie, which she normally clings to for dear life.  I'm already noticing a difference in her vocabulary - she is trying to speak more clearly, since I think the teachers can't understand her like Shawn or I do.  So she's trying harder to pronounce her words correctly, which I love!  She also has several friends from Mops in her class, too.  

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Emily said...

Two very sweet little grins...