Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Turning 30 was really painful for me...

My 30th birthday was this past Sunday. However, the celebrating started awhile before the actual day.

A week before, my awesome friend Kim planned a surprise birthday party for me at a restaruant at the Tempe Marketplace. I had no idea - I almost didn't go - it had been a long week. Shawn was just getting over the flu and ended up with this weird neck infection, I hadn't been sleeping well, etc...but I'm glad I went! I don't have any photos on the computer for that night, but just know it was awesome. I am so blessed and so thankful to be loved!

Then, the Friday night of my birthday weekend, a few friends went to go see Ree Boado and JJ Heller in Scottsdale. They are both amazing artists, and it was a fantastic show!

On Saturday, Shawn spoiled me by taking me (and the kids) to breakfast and then to the mall where we shopped. For me. For 2 hours! This never happens. I got some new makeup and new jeans. Sweet!

Then we had the most amazing dinner...we got all dressed up for a fabulous 9 course meal at Quiessence, at the Farm at South Mountain. We reserved the 'Brick Oven Table' to celebrate, which is a special table set outside by a beautiful fireplace. If you were in Phoenix on Saturday, then you know that sitting outside didn't happen. Between the wind, rain, and cold, there was no way I was sitting outside in my dress:

Before dinner - looking so fly!

After dessert - 9 courses with wine pairings will make you look a little tired!

Something weird happened in the middle of the night - I woke up with terrible stomach pain. I thought it was gas pains, since the meal we had was really rich - we don't normally eat that way, plus I ate a lot of meat, which I also don't normally eat. After eating a lot of tums and about 45 minutes, it went away.

The next day, my actual birthday, after eating a cheese sandwich for lunch, I started feeling the same pain. Thinking it was the same problem, I started eating tums like candy. Shawn took Jeremiah grocery shopping and came home to find me in pain. He brought some lovely things home, too.

The flowers that went unappreciated...

The cake that went uneaten...

By 630pm and a lot of Tums (and even infant Mylicon) later, I was in more pain. Shawn convinced me to go to urgent care, even though I was sure they'd just tell me it was gas pains and send me home. On the way there, though, something told me to go to the ER, just in case I needed an ultrasound. Thankfully I only waited an hour before they gave me a private room, so I could walk around and cry. (Yes, I was actually crying. It was incredibly painful) After an ultrasound, an IV with nausea and pain medicine, and bloodwork the results were: gallstones. And the only definite treatment is surgery.

Thankfully, the pain medicine had kicked in and I was feeling alright. The attack had lasted 8 hours. For the time being, I'm just carefully watching what I eat and avoiding fatty foods. I already do this, but I do love cheese and since I don't eat a lot of meat, often eat cheese for protein. That had to stop.

So, in the end, turning 30 was terribly painful for me.


Claire said...

Oh no, Rachel!! What a horrible way to have to spend your birthday. :( Do you need any dinners brought to you or anything like that?

Kristi said...

Oh, Rachel! I'm so sorry! When is your surgery?

Mikele said...

Dang it! I'm glad you went in. Happy Birthday - maybe you can extend the celebration when you feel better.

P-Ponderings said...

Rachel, I'm just now catching up on your blog, and I'm sooo very sorry to hear about all of this. Gallstones?? Oh my... they are suppose to be extremely painful. I am glad you went in and had the pain checked out. Now I know you've had the entire gallbladder removed! Good riddance! If its going to cause you that much trouble... I pray that the Lord Jesus will provide your body with everything it needs to get it healthy again and have a quick recovery. I'm so relieved the surgery went well and you're home safe. Know that you are thought about and loved... Your friend Pam.

pam@pixelimpress said...

oh no. i hear gallstones are very painful. so sorry it was on your birthday. pam