Monday, November 22, 2010

Is it Christmastime yet??

Jeremiah has been waking up the past few mornings asking this. And he's really sad when it isn't. He can't wait for our tree, so this morning we got down a few decorations. He has his own 'tree' now so he won't miss the big one so much.

His very own tree!

Of course, Jeremiah didn't want Sarah left out.

Just some cute pics of the kids playing with Daddy. They love this 'game.'

My pretty girl...

Here's a little video of the kids dancing to 'Iron Man' - Jeremiah is a little obsessed with the Iron Man character and pretends to be him all the time. It helps because in situations where he's afraid, he'll ask: "Iron Man is brave, isn't he?" So he pretends to be Iron Man and be brave.

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