Thursday, July 1, 2010

Stats at 15 months and 3 years.

Yesterday the kids had their checkups - Sarah for her 15 month and J for his 3 year. Sarah had four shots and J two. J got his first and while he toughed it out for the first, the second hurt and he cried. Then he cried when it was Sarah's turn because he didn't want her to get hurt like he did. (SO sweet considering the pain he tends to inflict on her himself!)

Sarah at 15 months:

My little helper assisting me with flour tortillas

She's 24lbs, 1.5oz (75th percentile) and 32 3/4" tall (97th percentile). She's meeting all her milestones and looks great. I did bring up one issue with the doctor (her lips turn blue periodically) and apparently that can be a side affect from the reflux. I had weaned her from her prevacid months ago, and assumed she was doing okay. So, she's going back on the prevacid and we'll re-evaluate at her 18 month check up. She has a few words - "Ada" (Dada) "Iah" (what she calls Jeremiah) "Mama" "Da" (for yes) and occasionally when I ask a question like: "Who wants milk?" she'll parrot J and say "I do!" She definitely tries to speak and occasionally sounds like she said a word clear as day but won't repeat it. She has lots of signs and is very curious about everything around her. She's a major climber and has the bruises and cuts to prove it.

Jeremiah at 3 years:

J with his birthday breakfast cookie

He's 27lbs, 6oz (5th percentile) and 37.5" tall (50th percentile). They ran his BMI and he wasn't even on the chart! It made me laugh because he's just so thin. No doubt because he's so active, of course and eats half the amount Sarah does. He's just amazing us day by day with how much he talks and how he can now tell stories...he's growing up so quickly!

And - bonus - hilarious video of the kids dancing. Just check out the arm moves on J.

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