Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Home away from home...

We got back from a ten day trip to Washington yesterday. It was an amazing, wonderful, beautiful, fun vacation for everyone. It's the first vacation that I actually felt relaxed during since Jeremiah was born! We love Washington, and I've tried to pick out my favorite photos from the trip. (I only had 380 or so! Jeez!)

Our first day - no naps, but these kids are thrilled to be outside in 70 degree weather.

Day 2 - perfecting his jumping skills

Family woods photo shoot

Day 3 - still outside, still loving it

See how much he loves it?!?

Day 4 - Seattle, Pike Place Market

City Fish, AKA, "those guys who throw giant fish to each other"

Visiting the Ballard Locks in Seattle

Day 5 - awesome park with streams.. (Farrel-McWhirter Farm Park)

...and tire swings

Then we headed to Remlinger Farms for more fun! J is riding a pony named "Apple."

Sarah is riding "Bumbleberry" (cutest name ever for a teeny pony!)

They let us, yes, all of us, even Sarah, ride this roller coaster. it was wild! J liked it even though it was loud and Sarah signed 'more' when it stopped. Crazy children!

After naps, ice cream! J got a giant cone of bubble gum. (gross!)

Sarah shared my chocolate peanut butter. She liked it, of course.

Day 6 - Build-a-bear!

Flying at the park

Day 7 - more parks! Look at this crazy thing he had to climb to slide down the slide! (Shawn went with him, don't worry.)

Day 8 - Cougar Mountain Zoo

Family photo time! Look at that view! Gorgeous.

Finally a smile out of him!

These three ate a lot of meals together. Caleb would be silly and make them crack up, especially J. We miss him!

J was so happy to ride Papa's shoulders!

Gasworks park

In front of some diggers at another park

Brunch on the waterfront


A little 'football'

Sad goodbyes...

J didn't know it, but he was going to miss Caleb!

Our trip was so much fun! We love visiting Washington, it's beautiful there and the company makes it even nicer.


Mikele said...

That blue slide park looks awesome. The elephant picture of J is adorable. How fun to be able to stay outside without your hair catching fire?!

Jasmyn said...

Makes me want to move to Washington.....RIGHT NOW!
What a fun trip for you all!

Kim F said...

Looks like an amazing time. So glad you made some good memories together.