Thursday, May 27, 2010


Dan, Karen and Crystal came to visit us from California. They couldn't have picked a better time - the weather was incredible, and we had so much fun spending time with them!

J had so much fun with "Buba Dan"

Sarah merely tolerated him.

Crystal pushing J in his car.

Story time!

Boys are so silly!

They brought birthday presents for J! He loved all them, but especially likes his Iron man and playdoh.

Playing at the park.

Sarah seemed pretty content with Crystal.

And finally warmed up to Karen!

In other news, Jeremiah's doing really well with the whole 'no diapers' thing. In addition to that, last night he and Shawn decided that he was done with his pacifier. So he dropped it, cold turkey. He asked for it at bedtime and seemed worried that we were going to take away his blankets, but we reassured him that those weren't going anywhere. It took him awhile to fall asleep but he slept all night. He should be napping right now, but he's not - but really I'm okay with him not napping. He plays well by himself and likes to help me do things. I am feeling a little sad - it just seems like he's become so big in the last month - the bed, the potty, and now no more binky - not that I wanted to keep him a baby but really, what's next? Driving?!? :-(

Sarah is funny. She thinks it's cute to answer 'no' to questions that she should be saying yes to - for instance, she recently went down to one nap a day. At 1230pm, I usually ask her if she's tired, and she shakes her head no. But once I put her down she goes to sleep without a peep. She thinks she's pretty funny! She also is very stubborn, likes things done her own way, and doesn't like being told no. Surprise. She loves to cuddle and will lay/rest on my chest sucking her thumb, and it's one of my favorite things to do.

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