Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lovely day

This morning we packed up and headed out to Schnepf Farms, located in the far off land of Queen Creek. (It's about an hour drive for us!) They are having a peach festival, where you pick all your own peaches. We did NOT do this, simply because it involved waiting in several lines - lines to get on a hayride, a line to pay for the peaches...Shawn and I are not line people.

Sarah doing her thing...

On a swing (the kids play area there is great!)

On the train (can't beat 2 & under for free!!)

Sarah and I. (I introduced 'the leash' today. She didn't care for it...)

Since J's still technically 2, he rode all the rides he could for free. He was on this plane ride all alone! He did great, I was very, very impressed.

Then he went down this slide a few hundred times all alone. No fear.

Sarah patiently waited in the stroller during J's long as she was well fed.

The "bee ride" with Daddy.

J & I rode the swings. He absolutely loved it. You can't really tell in this picture but...

...if you squint you can see his big smile in this one.

He wanted to ride the little roller coaster there so badly, but you have to be at least four feet tall to ride (he's probably only three feet). Maybe next year. It was a fun time, and we spent less than $10 (brought our own snacks and water).


Mikele said...

Should I tell you now that Miles unbuckled himself on that there plane ride and I had to yell both at the operator to TURN OFF THE RIDE and at him to NOT STAND UP IN ANY WAY. :)

shanna said...

Did you not get peaches?????