Friday, April 9, 2010

Updates and videos

It's been awhile since I actually wrote out what the kids are up to, so here goes.

Sarah - 1 year. I can hardly believe it! At Easter celebrations this past weekend, I remembered a year ago when we had everyone at our house and Sarah was a wee newborn. She's so different. A smart little cookie, she's not talking, which is fine with me. I'm sure she has words - she tries to imitate sounds - but she doesn't say anything like "mama" yet. She imitates when you sneeze, she barks like the dogs, and I think the other day she said "uh-oh" (Jeremiah's been trying to teach her that one.) She signs like crazy and picks up on them quickly - 'please' is her first big one, which she uses constantly! She also uses 'more,' 'dog,' 'giraffe,' 'airplane,' and 'bird.' She's quite clever, whenever we're outside and I hear an airplane (they are almost constant here!), I ask: "Sarah, do you hear (I touch her ear) the airplane?" (sign airplane) So now when she hears (not sees) and airplane, she touches her ear, then signs airplane. She's also figured out how to jump and is a big time climber. She loves to climb on whatever she can.
She recently had her one year check up - she was 23lbs (75th percentile) and 31.5" (95th percentile). She's wearing 18 month shorts/pants and 24 month shirts.
Here's a fun video of her crying. She discovered she could make this odd sound so now whenever she gets upset she does it. It's like Chewbacca (is that right?)

Jeremiah - 2 yrs, 9mo. I also can't believe he'll be THREE soon. Tonight I was looking at him and he's such a boy! His advancements have mostly been speech related. For instance, up until a few weeks ago he couldn't say "Stop" - he'd say "Fop." Then one day, he just starts saying "Stop." And from the moment Sarah was born he called her "Sa-zah" - but the last two days he's started calling her "Sa-ah." He's also going through a phase of not wanting to eat anything, which I guess is well as not napping every day. He's learning his letters, not really by anything that I'm doing on purpose, (I did buy an alphabet game today, though!) He loves to hear 'stories' before bed, anything made up about him and Shawn going on an adventure to the car wash or hiking up a mountain. He has such an imagination! He's also started singing songs. I don't think he'll be American Idol 46 or anything, but it's so adorable to hear!

So here are videos of J-bear. First video: singing. Second video: being his crazy self.

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It's so much fun to watch them grow up! They both are doing so great!