Tuesday, April 27, 2010


We've been very busy! I've been trying to jog three times a week which means getting up, getting ready and out the door before it's hot. Hopefully I can keep it up while it warms up more (it doesn't hurt jogging to a park with a splash pad!)

These two are so funny together!

J at the splash pad, he had so much fun.

More couch time.

J in Shawn's glasses.

I have to share this picture. I was trying to get a shot of Sarah and her milk, which she loves. And I just caught her at a weird time, when I looked at it I honestly laughed so hard I cried. Hope it gives you a laugh, too! She's such a little crazy baby, she climbs on everything and nearly gives me a heart attack at least once a day. No real words (although she does say "ahhh-choo!") but that's okay, I have one talker that keeps me plenty busy.

This is the picture I was trying to take.

We took J's booster seat off the chair, in our quest to move him into being a 'big boy.' Next step...the bed? We'll see. He can climb out of his crib but doesn't do it unless we tell him it's ok.


Anonymous said...

Very cute babies. They look so much alike!

OUR WILD ZOO! said...

Loved your new photos, hilarious pic of Sarah. She's a firecracker and I LOVE it. No shrinking violets, right! They need that personality to get by in the world! I am living a parallel life with running after kiddos and trying not to have a heart attack myself...I swear I pull Brayden off those steps a dozen times a day. He's getting way too bold. Loved your new post.

thanks for your kind words with Kayli's performance. It's so bittersweet to watch our babies grow up, isn't it?