Monday, March 22, 2010


Sarah will be one in less than a week! I can and can't believe it. It's definitely felt like it's been a year!

The weather has been gorgeous so we've been spending lots of time outside. The smell of sunblock on the kids is now a regular thing again.

She loves being outside. Absolutely loves it.


Not happy in the tree - he said it was too high.

This is his happy face.

At the zoo!!

Stuck in the stroller.

At another park. I just love this dress. Too bad it's a 12 month size and too small on her already! (one of the buttons popped open while she was playing!)

J is becoming quite good with our camera!

Jumping boy. (this was the landing, I just couldn't time it well enough to catch the jump!)

Crazy or cute? You decide.

Picture of us from J.

Another cute one of Jeremiah. I think this is the first blog in awhile where there have been more pictures of J than Sarah. And that's only because I bribe him into letting me take a picture of him by promising to let him use the camera after I do.


Mikele said...

Kate was just as bald at one. Ha!

OUR WILD ZOO! said...

Our babies are almost a year old. I feel the same way- sometimes I can't believe it and other times I think GEEEEZ this has been a long year, ha! What would we do without these precious babes?

Loved your new photos and it looks like we're living parallel lives with the outdoor fun and smell of sunblock. Enjoy this before the summer hits, right? =)