Sunday, March 7, 2010

Busy weekend

We've had a busy and fun weekend!

Saturday morning we went to the Via Colori festival in Glendale. Out of the few free events this weekend in the valley, I figured it would be the least crowded. (Is it bad that's what I base my decisions on? It's just easier manuvering a stroller and crazy J through small crowds instead of big ones!) We had fun!

We were there early - the artists getting set up.

Playing on the stage.

A little throwing before bed.

This morning...lazing around before heading to Casa Grande for a party.

My cute kids and I. (J was an absolute crank this morning, I'm assuming that's why he didn't want his picture taken.)

Like all classy people, we ate in the garage! This wasn't the original plan, but the day was cold, rainy and windy, so eating outside was only an option for the crazies.

Here are some crazies playing outside during a brief respite from the rain. J wanted so badly to be included in the older cousin's group, but he was just too young, plus he brought the lame-ness of an adult into their fun (since we try to keep him in our sight as much as possible!)

Oh hey! What is that? GROSS!! (Also, RIP cricket, J sort of grabbed him too hard then stomped on him. Poor thing :( )

Sarah loved testing our her birthday cupcakes! (had to give it a try!)

Sarah's face everytime little Mick would talk to her! She was terrified of him, why I don't know!

Hey! The whole reason for the party. No, not Noah (sorry dude), Steve! My "little" brother came to town from Wisconsin for a visit. This is the first time he's met Sarah and seen Jeremiah since January 2009!

On the way home we saw an incredible rainbow!


Rizzi Blog said...

Wow, that really is a busy weekend! Looks like you guys had fun!

OUR WILD ZOO! said...

what a fun day that was, great pics. The cricket photo had me laughing. Boy do we have some dead bugs around here from an over excited toddler boy too :)


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