Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What we've been up to...

Really, we haven't been up to much of anything! The last few weeks we've gotten sick, I got very sick last week, but now we're all better. Sarah's been walking up a storm and has her first pair of shoes. Jeremiah is cute, as usual, but also infuriating. Shawn is studying up a storm for his CFP exam next month (please pray for him). Our awesome church, Poiema, is currently homeless and searching for a new home, so please pray for us there, too! I think we need to start doing some exciting things so we have fun pictures to post.

What is THAT?!?! It's just hummus! She loves it. Refuses pretty much anything that's on a spoon now, she wants to do it all herself. So, this is what we get. I'm totally okay with it, I looove a self-feeding baby!

Strong girl! She likes to carry anything she can around, usually the heaviest, most awkward thing she can find.

This little goofball loved eating this lemon. He actually ran and grabbed more after he finished this slice.

Just a little Sarah.

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