Friday, February 5, 2010

10 months (and a week or so...)

Sarah's walking is improving daily, she walks about 50% of the time and crawls the other 50%. She's different from Jeremiah in that when she falls while walking, she goes straight to crawling, where J would get back up and start walking again. I'm really looking forward to when she starts walking full time, crawling is just so icky to me! She's also completely eating table food - no more baby food! For a little while I was worried because anything with texture would make her gag, but now she eats (for the most part) what we eat and she is doing great. She's also eating cow's milk yogurt and has had no adverse reactions so far.

Her 6th and 7th teeth are currently working on popping through, too. I cannot believe she'll be one next month. I'm hoping she'll be on whole milk not too long after that! She had her first ear infection (in both ears) this past week and that was not fun, poor baby girl. She currently weighs 20lbs 11oz and trust me, my achy arms feel it!

So big!

Jeremiah...hmmm.. I am struggling to figure out how we can go from laughing and having fun one minute to complete and total meltdown the next. Sometimes it feels like the house is only filled with laughter or tears, sometimes both at the same time! His speech is improving, sometimes he says the funniest things: "I'm doing something!" when you ask him to come here, or "I'm busy now!" He's an awesome big brother, whenever Sarah cries he brings her toys, even if he's the one who made her cry. Potty training...continues to be a struggle. It feels like a process that's going to take forever!

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Pampered Tots said...

I seriously cannot believe Sarah is going to be one next month. And then my baby is the month after. WHAT happened to this year? I'm so amazed she's walking so much and eating big girl food =) Wonderful that she's having no adverse reactions, praise God!
I laughed about Jeremiah because I have thought the very same thing about Kyler some days. I really think it's a 3's thing. Happy-Sad-happy-mad. What the heck?! I used to get frustrated but, after seeing my girls pull out of it, I think it's just the age/phase.

Cute new pics, the one of J in the shoes=priceless.