Tuesday, December 1, 2009

8 months!

This mom thing the second time around is so different! I know that every month when Jeremiah turned whatever month during his first year, I wrote a blog post about it. This time I can barely get organized enough to blog once a week! Poor baby Sarah. She's getting so big and even though sometimes it feels like the days are long, they've really flown by.

She's just precious and funny and I really hope she always smiles as much as she does now.

She was cracking up!

Shawn and I were still eating dinner and we excused J and let Sarah down - this is what we found.

How a lot of my time is spent - with a baby hanging off me! Ha ha! (J was helping me make salad dressing.)

J has been loving the dogs lately - it's sweet.

Sarah loves to be outside. I can't wait til she's walking so her crawling all over the sand and grass won't gross me out anymore!

We had an amazing Thanksgiving - J went without a nap (and did pretty good!) and Sarah napped for 2 1/2 hours in my mom and Ronnie's bedroom in the pack 'n play. It was better than I could have imagined. I'm so thankful to have such a wonderful family here in Arizona to celebrate with!

Just a cute shot of J.

He ate with the kids - and he loved it!


Shelly said...

So sweet!! love all the pictures!

OUR WILD ZOO! said...

What a happy Thanksgiving you all had! LOVE the pictures and I really loved your update on Sarah- her dimples get me every time, I just want to ((squeeze)) that girl. You've been so blessed. Hope you're enjoying the holiday season upon us!!

Thanks for the cake compliment, it really was horrible. I'm not just sayin'