Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So much to update...

And so little time. I'll try to be as quick as possible.

(beautiful family pics done by Andrea Whittle.)

Sweet baby Sarah is growing up very quickly. She's full on crawling now and is pulling up on everything and everyone. She's slowly cruising furniture and has tried to walk from one object to another and fallen many times. She's tough though. Her allergy tests did come back 100% normal, so we've forged ahead with solid foods. Right now she only eats Cheerios, sweet potatoes, and applesauce. I'll be adding more as she gets older - she did sneak a french fry from Jeremiah the other day - yikes. She's getting less clingy - I've been able to leave her in childcare without constant screaming - YAY! However if I'm in the room she will do her best to wiggle out of the arms of whoever happens to be holding her to get back to me. If that doesn't work, then shrieking begins.

My wild child Jeremiah - he makes me laugh all the time. His language skills are really taking off, even though it takes a little while for people other than Shawn or I to understand him, it seems to improve daily. He speaks in sentences most of the time now and he says the funniest stuff. Yesterday on the way home from a friends house he told me "J grow up and drive Buh-buh's (Grandpa G) car." I'm not sure where that came from, I think I must have told him at some point that when he was older he could drive. It was a very random thought but made me laugh.

We've had such a fun busy week or two since I last posted! Bubbie (Shawn's mom) came to visit us and we had such a fun time! J was attached to Bubbie like crazy and asks for her every day after his nap since she left. Sarah...was Sarah and screamed if I was in the same room while Bubbie held her. :(

A quick happy moment.

Milking the cow at the zoo!

Phoenix childrens museum.

I came downstairs one night after putting Sarah down to find the boys doing this...yikes.

On Sunday the 15th, Sarah was dedicated at our church, Poiema. It was such a blessing because not only did my mom and Ronnie come but Anita was able to be there too! She never saw Jeremiah's.

A shot of Bubbie, her son, and his son. Cute!

Since we had our family pictures done, I decided to finally update our 'picture wall' since baby Sarah's been around for...oh...7 1/2 months and there were no pictures of her up on the wall! I'm terrible. So this was before...

And this is after...turned out ok. (I just went to Goodwill and bought a bunch of 5x7 frames for $1 each! what a deal!)


OUR WILD ZOO! said...

I LOVE your new picture wall-I love the deals too!! I'm glad Sarah's test came back normal. I really enjoyed reading your update, I can relate to the time crunch. Sarah and Brayden are SO similar, even with their love for their momma, ha! You have such a beautiful family and so much to be thanksful for-I'm sure you had a great thanksgiving- our baby's first turkey day! Andrea did an amazing job on your family photos, can't wait to see more.

Amber said...

I love the professional photos of your kids, especially their outfits! So cute!!!

Andrea said...

Awww I just saw this post Rachel! I love the framed photos!!! I can't tell you how much it touches my heart to see my clients/friends hang my work on their wall!!!! That is a great deal, we love Goodwill (Savers is even better, have you been there?)Thanks for posting this, it made my day!!!!