Tuesday, November 10, 2009


We have the internet back at the house. Phew!
Quick update:

Rock star.


Group shot.

Hot chocolate and Elmo Jammies (the one cold night we've had so far.)

Me & J.

J being his goofy self. He picks flowers and then 'sneezes' them everywhere. He also yells for "Bubbie" - his grandma, Shawn's mom - every time an airplane flies overhead.

Sarah crawling. You may want to watch with the sound off, I was not feeling 100% so my voice is cracking and I'm also, horror of horrors, snapping my gum. Eek. She started crawling on 10/28 (1 day after she turned 7 months) and now two weeks later has realized that it's not so bad to be able to move on your own.


mini and brother said...

Welcome back, missed you!!

Emily said...

Glad to see you guys taking advantage of your one cold night with hot chocolate! Tigger is sooo cute and that rock start sure is big now.

OUR WILD ZOO! said...

SOO cute, those videos! Our babies are growing up, Rachel. Sarah is getting so big -and beautiful, as always. Have you gotten her panel back yet for allergies? I am curious to see what the results are. Is her appetite back up yet? Funny how each baby is so individual- I hope things are going well and Sarah's appetite picks up. She looks SO healthy and happy though. Good job, mamma!

Astraea said...

She is so beautiful. :)