Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dza-Dza came to town!

My dad, aka Dza-Dza, ("Ja-Ja") came to visit last week. He arrived on Thursday morning and left on Sunday - a quick trip but we had a great time. J really got along well with him and was sad when he left.

We met Shawn for lunch when Dza arrived. J started eating the onions off my plate. Yucky!!

J loved hanging out with Dza...



or relaxing!

We went to breakfast at the Farm @ South mountain.

Then we went to the top of South Mountain! Fun!

J wanted a picture of himself and his new Nemo (his latest obsession)

And then he found a box to play in!

Sunday morning, before he had to leave, Shawn, J and Dza went to the park by our house.

This is after his nap...

Not sure when this became a riding lawnmower!

Sunday night Kim watched J and Shawn and I had a date night that his mom, Anita, gave us for my 'not a shower-baby shower.' We went to see Les Misérables at the Phoenix Theater. It was fantastic! I highly recommend it, especially if you have an entertainment book (there's a coupon for buy one, get one free for tickets!) It was a great deal. Here we are all dressed up.

And Kim insisted on taking this picture because I'm 'getting so big!' Thanks, ha ha ha!

Speaking of Sweet Pea - she's due in about 4 1/2 weeks. Yikes, this pregnancy has literally flown by! I finally have washed the sheets/etc for the bassinet and some clothes. (they are in the dryer as I type this!) Her room is not done. At all. We need to get rid of the guest bed, then we'll be able to get things set up for her. So, again, if you know anyone who'd like a queen sized bed and is willing to move it, tell me!!


Nichole, Jeff & Audrey (aka Peanut) said...

J looked like he had a great time.. wonderful pictures I love the reading/relaxing ones they are adorable !!

Your preggo belly is sooo cute !! I so miss that belly, I never thought I would EVER say I miss being preggo, but I do.. you look great !!

Mikele said...

Rest while you can, lady.

Rizzi Blog said...

My favorite pic is the riding lawn mower! I can TOTALLY relate. You look absolutely beautiful!

Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh, time has flown by! Only 4 1/2 weeks? We had to do the same thing for Titus' room and we gave away a kind size bed to my brother..... someone should jump on that offer. :)