Tuesday, February 17, 2009

California...knows how to party...

We took a trip to California to visit Shawn's dad, his dad's wife, Karen, Karen's children Alec and Krystal, and Shawn's grandma, Marilyn. We left Thursday night and J did great in the car...

Friday it rained almost all day so we didn't do anything. So when it was nice on Saturday morning, and we'd all been up since 3am, (yes, THREE IN THE MORNING), we headed to the beach. Since J fell asleep on the way, we just drove up the coast and killed time so he could catch up on some sleep.

Pretty ocean...

When he woke up we headed to Laguna Beach.

J liked the sand but literally ran away screaming when a larger wave broke on the shore and the water came towards him. I can understand how that would be scary - I forgot how loud the ocean was!

Heading back from the beach we saw these snow-covered mountains - how funny.

Before dinner we hung out outside and J played on his new favorite toy - this little ATV thingy. He liked it so much that we brought it home with us...and this morning before we left, he wanted to take it with us. I told him no so he gave it a hug and a kiss. Cute...but weird. Runs in the family.

A little off-roading over the basketball hoop.

"Flying" down the hill

Playing cards with Karen (nice hair dude!)

And blocks with Crystal.

Here are the 'dudes'

We ended up cutting the trip short - Jeremiah did not sleep well. He was up at 5am (or earlier) Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings, and also didn't nap at all. He figured out how to get out of the pack n' play as well...nice. So instead of leaving Monday morning, we left Sunday morning. It was sad that we couldn't spend more time with our family but J was a mess and, to be honest, so were we. We all needed a good nights sleep. (or two or three).

On the way home we passed these windmills or whatever you call them. For some reason they really creep me out....they are so eerie looking. We passed them on the way to our destination but it was dark so you could barely see them. They were more creepy in daylight.

J fed his doggie blankie chicken nuggets for lunch - how sweet. I can just imagine what Sweet Pea will be fed...should be interesting!


Shannon said...

We have a field of those windmill things up here somewhere on the way up to Green Bay, I remember when I was a kid there used to only be a few and now there are like a million of them.

Nichole, Jeff & Audrey (aka Peanut) said...

Ahh how wonderful, our ocean pictures have me dreaming of someday of seeing that again. I think I heard the ocean calling my name... :) LOL about the windmills.... come back to WI and drive north, they are everywhere !! I call them windmill farms. You look great by the way... not too much longer until sweet pea is here !!!!

Rizzi Blog said...

Yeah we do! JK! I LOVE the pictures, but am sorry it was such an exhausting trip for the 3 of you. Just think, it will be the 4 of you very soon! :)

Shelly said...

You looked like you had a lot of fun even with little sleep!! :) J is such a happy little boy!!