Friday, January 9, 2009

This is a long post!

I'll try to catch up to present-day. On 12-31, the day of the accident, Shawn's mom and our nephew, Caleb, came into town. They got to join in the chaos that was that day, but it turned out great. J didn't have much of a nap, and he wasn't in bed til 8pm, but he slept well and slept in til 8am! Nice.

Day 1 - the zoo! Since we missed it the day before, we decided to head back there. We discovered a whole part of the zoo I'd never seen before - the petting zoo and childrens play area. Nice!

The family

J on his leash.

J & Bubba (that's what he called her, so cute!)

Caleb driving his tractor.

Playing in the nice little fenced in play area - sweet!

Before bed, a little milk, Bee Movie, and the Spiderman couch.

Friday - Tumbleweed Park. Caleb loved it!

J did too, of course!

Caleb did a lot of climbing and running!

Saturday we did dinner out at the Old Spaghetti Factory. Caleb thought this was Santa's sled and hid in the back, insisting he was a present.

"Playing" Packman

Sunday - Lily's 2nd birthday party! Who are these two staring at?

Holden! He went a little crazy with the shaving cream and required a bath and new clothes.

Look at those adorable cupcakes!

J loved the pictures of Lily.

Her special 2 cupcake!

J really loved the cupcakes, especially the marshmellow ears and snout.

Good friends!

On Monday morning, Bubba and Caleb left to go home to snowy Seattle. We miss them!

This is long enough for now...I'm exhausted!


Astraea said...

I avoid the petting zoo on purpose. The thought of those stinky goats is making me want to gag right now! Who's with me, Katie?!?

Rachel said...

Aw! Those are the nicest goats ever. All the petting zoos I remember as a child, the goats were so aggresive and knocked kids over to get food!

Mikele said...

Whoa, Holden! I love Lily's expression, "What the..."

mini and brother said...

I hate the petting zoo part. You are so right, Astraea. I can almost smell that goat pee from here.
I love a 2 year old on a leash! I will never judge again. Have we all met Junie?

Robyn said...

I love really long catchup posts :) All great pics and looks like fun times!
I'm in the anti-animal touching camp, I'm afraid.