Thursday, January 15, 2009

This is a blog of randomness

I feel like I've fallen so far behind in my blogging - I used to do it during J's naps and then I got into the habit of laying around during the aforementioned naps and that's kind of got me stuck. So here's a post of randomness for you, hopefully to catch me up to 'real time' and when we start doing things again...I'll be blogging them quickly!

We bought this keyboard @ KB Toys for $6. (They are going out of business and everything must go!) It came with a microphone and J loves it. This video is funny because 1) Our dog Prince is clearly distressed and 2) Our dog Patches somehow turns off the light while I'm filming.

Just thought this was cute - J for some reason was unclothed and resting his feet on my belly. I can't remember if Sweet Pea was kicking or not.

A great pic of Shawn and J @ Tumbleweed Park.

J being a goof

Yesterday we were at my aunt's house dropping off my brother who's in town from FREEZING COLD Wisconsin. I have to laugh at everything they managed to either put on J or put in his hands. And there's Steve's arm in the background! Hi Steve! (of course I didn't take any pics of them together...duhhhhh)

And another (sort of longish - sorry) video of J today at lunch. I ask him for a strawberry to which he replies "Da" - that is yes for him. (Apparently he's Russian) He then yanks the strawberry away at the last moment and puts it in his mouth. :-( How mean!


Shannon said...

What a silly boy! You were right about one thing, it is FREEZING here!!

Shelly said...

LOL! He is such a goof ball!! Jayden has denied me food before! But not that bad! LOL I hope you have fun with your bro!