Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Update on J-Rol

Well...I wouldn't say he's doing 'better.' He woke up yesterday from his nap with a 102.1 fever...then it went down overnight. We got the breathing machine and the treatments seem to be working alright. After his nap this afternoon his temp was up again (103.1) and he was breathing rapidly. After a breathing treatment is seemed better, and he was acting so not sick (not lethargic, happy, laughing, etc) so we decided to put him to bed and check his breathing at 930pm when we get him up for a breathing treatment. (he's on them every four hours)

Breathing treatments

He doesn't really like them too much, but he tolerates them as long as he's being amused.


Jenny said...

): Being sick is no fun for anyone! Hope he's better soon!

Mikele said...

Poor sucker.

Carin said...

Oooh! I hear that can be nasty. Glad to hear that he respond okay to the breathing treatments. You'll all be in our prayers! love you guys