Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I'm a winner!! And a random thing about me.

I've been on a little winning streak lately - which is sweet!! First I won a prize at MOPs, then I won the highly coveted prize at Jenny's baby shower, and finally I won a blog makevoer!! Like it? Go check out Shauna's blog and get yours pimped today!!

So, onto my random thing. I have a lot of stuff. Lots of it. How much? Well...I'll show you: (warning to neat freaks..this will bother you!)

Lots of stuff pulled out of the closet:

Here are my shoes in their 'storage'

And out of it:

Friends, those are 34 pairs of shoes. Including but not limited to, three pairs of black boots, three pairs of brown boots, 4 pairs of Coach shoes and 1 pair of Gucci sandals. (broken Gucci sandals) And 18 pairs of flip flops. I needed to purge!!

After the purge: 14 pairs of shoes and 7 pairs of flops. I think I did pretty well. They all fit here:

Oh the bags. I love bags. You probably know this about me. Especially Coach bags. I have a total of 19 bags, 14 of which are Coach. 16 bags are pictured here.

Here we have what I donated to Goodwill - three bags of clothes and shoes.

And one bag going into the trash.

The closet after:

Here's the Goodwill we went to:

In case anyone saw anything they liked, it's the one on 75th ave and Indian School. Ha!

Oh and one note on Jeremiah. He's no longer satisfied with simply pulling himself up on things. Now he wants to climb them:


Mikele said...

If you're throwing away Coach bags...

ps - Nice makeover!

Mrs. Spice said...

Doesn't it feel great to purge and donate?!! I will admit...I had a bit of a panick attack in the before pictures...but the after pictures made it all worth it!
Oh, and I love the Coach sandles!

Rachel said...

Oh, no Coach bags were donated in this particular purge.

Grace, Tre, & Faith said...

If you want to make some $$$, Coach sells AWESOME on Ebay! Or I'll take the cute big brown one!

Love the makeover!!!

Carin said...

I was going to ask if there was anything chasing after? Well done... can you come over and help me next? Pretty much I think I just need to do a "clean sweep" episode. HA!

Kristi said...

Nice new layout! And I didn't consider myself a clean freak until I saw your "before" closet... ;)

mini and brother said...

I really "need" one of your throw away Coach bags. Like the big brown one... hint, hint!

Grace, Tre, & Faith said...

Hey Katie, I already called that one!!! How about we meet in front of Rachel's house and fight for it?

Nichole said...

Wow, that is a lot of work. Great job !! I have been saying that I needed to do that for 2 years now... yeah its still not done.

So totally worth it !!

Andrea said...

I like the new blog], I will have to check it out and get me a new one I was wondering if there was a way to!