Sunday, November 4, 2007

Uncle Stephen's in town!

My little bro, Steve, came to visit us for awhile. So my parents had a little party at their house w/ the family out here. It was a good time, everyone held Jeremiah!

Here is my 'little' brother and Jeremiah:

And Grandma and J:

Ari holding J:

The cousins: Ari, Jake, and Noah (with his sniper rifle):

Cousin Kris and J:

The cousins went lawn fishing:

Jeremiah and I took a nap...

And then Shawn and he played a little bit:

Grandpa G and J:

Just cute pictures:

Cousin Mick and J:

Not pictured: Aunt Cher, Uncle Mick, and cousin Bill. I don't know why I didn't get pics of them, sorry guys.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures Rach! Thanks!


robyn said...

Looks like so much fun with your family! J is loved :)
I like your eye makeup in your napping picture, BTW!

Scott and Lori Morgan said...

What a fun-loving family and you look happy...and every family has a cousin that likes guns and dresses in camo...sweet! Miss you girl.. :(