Thursday, November 15, 2007

Stubborn boy!

So, I took J to the doctor yesterday. Why? Well, he's been refusing to eat and I saw something that looked like blood in his diaper. Needless to say both mama and papa were a bit freaked out. Turns out it wasn't blood (thank God!) but it was a sign of dehydration - not surprising since Jeremiah, again, was refusing to eat. Now, he's doing alright today, still not eating a lot, but eating and not screaming so much. He's in a good mood for the most part...I've heard that some babies can go on a 'nursing strike' around this age. Hopefully that's all this is. His weight hasn't been affected - he weighs 14lb, 4.5oz. Still in the 25th percentile.

He does, of course, still enjoy his cereal:

And he's figured out how to turn himself in the pack n play so he can see the TV. Sneaky boy!


Jenny said...

I'm glad that J is doing better today! Isn't it just funny how they make or should I say squirm their way around their beds. They make sure to explore EVERY part of the crib/pack n play.

Nichole said...

I still stop by and read your blogs like weekly, he is getting so big already.

I am glad that he is doing better.

Our Family said...

Is he an ESPN baby too? :)

Shelly said...

That kid!! I swear! LOL He IS a little stubborn boy!