Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday!

I looooooove shopping on "black Friday." This year was slightly different as I can't just wake up and head out around 7am, or I guess I could, it would just be difficult with J. So...I woke up at 330am, fed him and he went right back to sleep, and headed over to Mervyn's. It was busy, but not too bad. I was SHOCKED at the number of little children there...toddlers, little babies, totally awake. At 4am! Crazy.

Then I headed over to Walmart. Now...that was amazing. People were lined up all the way to Southern Avenue! I just sat in my car and waited til I saw the doors open, then headed into the store. I was lucky enough to get a cart...lots of people didn't get one and ended up dragging 5 shop-vacs around the store. They had big Tvs on sale and people loaded up those big carts, like at Costco, with them and other huge things. It was nuts. Also, I saw lots of babies there. Poor things, they all looked so tired! I don't understand people who have to drag their kids out of bed...why not leave your husband and kids at home and just go with your friends??

After J woke up we went to Old Navy, I wanted some new jeans and they were 'doorbusters' at 50% off.

I took a few pictures:

Me at 330am, don't I look thrilled?

My plan for Mervyns.

The time before I left.

My haul after getting home.

And a pic of me (no nap or makeup!) and the adorable J.

Overall it was a good shopping day. I was done and back home by 7am and spent MUCH less than the supposed "average" American spends on Christmas. (Supposedly $800 - HA!!)


Shelly said...

I can't believe that you actually did it!! LOL!!! Crazy girl!!!

blogyn said...

You are a die hard and I'm so impressed with you right now! I wouldn't dream of facing the crowds a good 3 hours before the sun was up...

Katie said...

Shelly's right, you're crazy!! There's no way I'd be out shopping that early. Of course we all know there is no REAL shopping in Kewaunee!! Sorry it's taken me so long to get to this, but full time school isnt easy. I'm glad to see all is well. J is beautiful! Say HI to the rest of the fam for me!!

Jenny said...

I also LOVE Black Friday and my sister and I left my Mom's house at 3am and we hit...Kohl's, Walmart, Menards, Fleet & Farm, Target and Michael's and were back to my Mom's at 8am! We spent a TON of money but like you said it's all worth the savings!