Wednesday, September 26, 2007

This can't be happening....

Jeremiah is officially three months old! Where did the time go? I'm so sad..he's gotten so big. I feel so bad when I look at old pics. There are onesies that he was literally swimming in that no longer even fit him. And he's so much more fun..smiling, laughing (even if it does kind of sound like he's coughing), and overall in a better mood. (Oh, did I mention sleeping better?!? Got to love that!)

Here are some comparision pics:
Here he is at 2 days old in the swing:

And at almost three months:

Fresh from the oven:

2 1/2 months:

In his carseat at 2 days old (you can't even see his feet!)

Just the other day:

He has just changed so much, in a way I miss my little mini-Jeremiah that was so thin I was afraid of hurting him when I held him. Now he's chunky and seems so much tougher. We love him so much and have been blessed so much by his presence!

PS: This is a note about my 'comment' request earlier in the week. That was for those of you who read but don't comment. My regular commenters are awesome. :-)

PPS: There is also a new video, but it posted before the zoo post. Check it out!

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