Sunday, August 12, 2012

Washington Part II

Self-timer family photo.  It was great to be able to capture this!!  

The fam @ the Bellevue Botanical Gardens 

We found a tree that looked like a J!  Jeremiah had to have a photo by it.  He's posing like quite the model.  

The day after we arrived in Washington, Jeremiah started riding a bike with no training wheels!  This was very exciting - he's been 'riding' his old bike with no pedals to learn how to balance, and the moment he got on this bike with pedals, he was off.  It was like he'd been doing it for months!!  As you can imagine, we spent a lot of time bike riding while we were in Washington. Caleb (who's birthday is the day before Jeremiah's) also got a brand new bike with gears for his birthday, so he was eager to on his new bike, too.  

Anita threw a party for Caleb's 8th birthday while we were there!  It was so fun to celebrate with him and watch him open his gifts.  

The kids love this park and the tire swings.  The boys always want to go faster than Sarah, though.  

We took photos by this tree last year, so we had to take them again!  
(Last years photo - my how they change!) 

Not the best photo, but Caleb is taking karate 3x/week.  We went along to watch his class, and Jeremiah and Sarah were invited to participate in the 3-5 yr old class.  They loved it - I'm on the lookout for a karate class for them here in Phoenix!  

Sarah and Caleb - how cute are they?  

We spent some time on a little beach in Juanita, WA.  They had so much fun playing in the sand.  

Super cool photo by this huge bulldozer!!  

Cute photo of everyone, except Caleb is missing. He was at art class (The kid is a super talented artist already!!)  

We met Thomas the Train!  It was fun. 

Giant Root Beer Floats at XXX Root Beer (yes, that's it real name!!)  

This photo was taken after a fun morning at an 'eco-fair' in Redmond, and on the way to a fun BBQ through Microsoft.  Unfortunately, not long after this photo was taken, we ran out of gas!  On the I-90, which is a busy, busy freeway. Thankfully, we were able to get onto the side of the road safely, and AAA came out with a gallon of gas after about a half hour.  It was definitely hair-raising, it seemed every semi-truck that came by was driving right on the edge of the road - it was terrifying.  I spent a lot of time praying! 

My Aunt Shelley and Uncle Carl were actually in Seattle for an Alaskan cruise.  They've never met J & Sarah, so we got together for dinner at their hip hotel in Seattle.  It was so good to see them, and the kids loved them.  

Jeremiah and Sarah look absolutely comfortable with them!  
Again, with the bike riding.  This is how we spent most of our last few days in Washington.  It was so much fun - we spent a lot of time just doing 'normal' things - hanging around, spending time together.  It was a great vacation, and we miss our Washington family so much!  

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Washington looks absolutely dreamy. Makes me want to live there. Yeah, for the bike rider!!!