Wednesday, August 8, 2012


The three musketeers were so happy to be reunited.  

We had a chance to watch Caleb's karate class - so fun!  

Shawn and his mom conquered this climbing thing at the playground.  Silly.  

Donut, anyone?  This was his breakfast before we all piled in our 90's minivan to drive to the Oregon Coast. What's the best stop on the way?  PORTLAND!

We got to see Brittany, Justin, Holden and Archer!  We met at a beautiful park in Portland so the kids could run around (and not trash Britt's house) and we could have lunch.  It was so good to see them!! 

Brittany and I - it's safe to say there are NO parks like this in Phoenix! 

Meet Grandpa Ralph and Margaret.  It was so good to see them - Grandpa was quite feisty - he'd occasionally sneak up on Margaret and growl at her, which resulted in her shrieking in terror.  Then they'd laugh and laugh...and not long later he'd pull the same trick.  It was quite funny.  Sarah found that she had a kindred spirit in Grandpa Ralph, as she could communicate via growls (one of her favorite methods).  

Shawn and I on the beach!  

Sarah was so excited to go visit the beaches (which we did) - she's jumping and saying "beach!"

The sunset on our final evening in Neskowin.  It was so much fun visiting Oregon again - the kids had a blast playing, and we had an awesome time visiting with Grandpa Ralph and Margaret. The weather was amazing - last year when we visited it was cold.  This year, it, of course was windy, but it was warm and not freezing.   

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