Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cancun Part Dos!

The view from our balcony - AMAZING!

One family photo - self timer :)

Jeremiah can pick Sarah up - he's so proud of this!

On the way to dinner - holding hands :)

Shawn and Jeremiah did this the whole trip - 'ran away' from the waves.

Sarah found another love - the turtle!

Another lunch by the beach!

Shawn and I spent a lot of time playing with the kids - I was a 'boat' or a 'horse' a lot. It was a fantastic workout!

After naps, we went to a mall close to the resort (La Isla) and Jeremiah was wanted to jump on this - so he did!

He was going sooo high!


Not Sarah, too! Ahhh!

At dinner, Jeremiah was eating JALAPENOS. Who is this kid??

Another family picture - pretty hilarious.

Sarah had fun with my hat.

We got frozen yogurt after dinner for the kids. They had some crazy toppings - spicy stuff, and these weird little balls that were liquid on the inside. The kids loved them.

Look at my young husband! He looks just like he did when we were on our honeymoon 6 years ago!

Our last day...(Thursday)...back at the pool!

Jeremiah requested (and received) goggles. He had such a great time 'diving' underwater.

J and Shawn were playing their running game when J took a face first dive into the sand. This was the 2nd time it happened during our trip - poor guy!

Our shadows - last time on the beach :(

Sarah cracked us up during our dinner out - we picked a great place to eat for our last meal in Cancun (La Destileria, if you're ever in the neighborhood!)

Jeremiah was also eating limes, which I guess isn't that weird. But cute picture!

The kids and I and the sunset on the lagoon.

Sarah took this photo! Not bad!

Jeremiah watched for crocodiles. (We didn't see any.)

And he ate a huge piece of chocolate cake for dessert.

It was a fantastic trip, despite the bumpy start with the weather. We had fun, rested, relaxed (as much as you can with a 2 year old and a 4 year old!) and really unplugged. I got used to not taking my phone everywhere - I didn't even look at it! We also watched very little TV, with the exception of the first gloomy day. We made some great memories. :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


F is for how funny you are
O is for your love of oranges
U is for undies, which you've been wearing for over a year (YAY!)
R is for red, your favorite color (which can change daily)

I've always thought that 4 was such a big birthday. At least I have since I had Jeremiah - it really seems like that's the point where children stop being 'babies' and really become 'children.' So as Jeremiah approached 4, and as both Shawn and I could witness a change in him - honestly, in the last few months he has absolutely become a 4 year old - I just knew that we were entering into 'childhood' and moving away from babyhood. Which is good, but still strange.

Since his birthday fell on a Monday, and his party isn't til July 9th, I decided to go (a little) crazy on his actual birthday. I asked him what he wanted to do and he replied (with gusto) "Chuck E Cheese!" We had loads of tokens from 9 months ago leftover in the car, so we went.

A fun present! (Secondhand, of course, but he doesn't care)

Starbucks Cake Pop at 9am? Yes, please!

And of course a big chocolate milk with 'whupped' cream.

Then to Chuck E Cheese's! (I love his new fake smile)

Lily came along to join us - we haven't seen her (and her mom) in a long time! It was great to see them.

My birthday boy and I.

The kiddos. They're so big!

Doing a little racing.

Jeremiah's requested birthday dinner - macaroni & cheese, grapes and beans. He doesn't like beans but told me with confidence "4 year olds like beans." (For the record, he only wanted two beans and was then done!)

Birthday cake (from Scooptacular, where else?)


Jeremiah's changed so much from 3 to 4. He is more aware of the world around him, is so curious about things, knows his letters and numbers and can spell his name! He'll be going to preschool in the fall, and is excited to go and make friends. He still says some cute things - like 'bitar' for guitar and 'No, I amn't!' when he insists he hasn't done something. He can make up stories, run really fast, and jump so far. I completely forgot about getting him in for his 4 year visit, so I don't know how tall or heavy he is, but I'm going to guess he's about 40" and 33 lbs. He's thin, and that's okay - it's just him. (Takes after Daddy, I guess!) He's so great with his baby sister - he loves her so much. And I'm so happy that I get to be his Mom - I never imagined this life when he was born, I was so focused on the moment that I didn't really think about the kind of child he'd be.

He had a great birthday, I think (hope!) and it was so fun to hang out with him. We love that guy so much!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cancun! (Part 1)

We are home from our trip to Cancun, totally tanned and relaxed and still in the mindset that we need to say "Hola!" to everyone we meet! What a fantastic vacation - Shawn and I learned that while we can relax while on vacation with the kids, it's a different type of relaxing than we're used to!

The DVD player kept the kids happy on our flights! Phew!

Our first day - torrential rains and wind. It was wild - we had water in our villa! It was a big bummer for our first day.

Day 2 - still cloudy and a bit rainy, but at least it wasn't a downpour. We got our toesies in the sand!

Checking out the ocean!

Sarah and Daddy.

Big fun chairs in the lobby.

Sarah was in love with this chicken planter.

Sarah and I before dessert one night.

The waiter gave the kids water in fancy water glasses - they loved it!

Day 3 - it got sunnier! Finally played in the ocean a bit. (The kids weren't fans!)

Sarah let me put her down but then immediately wanted to be picked back up!

Jumping! This is where the tide comes up to at night - you can tell they've dredged sand to replace missing beach (damage from Wilma in 2006 still) and
every night the tide washes away more sand.

Jeremiah found some ants and just had to get on to crawl on him. He loves to watch bugs!

Halfway buried in the sand!

Day 4 - breakfast on the balcony! Weather was getting more and more beautiful!

To the beach again - but then we left - the kids just didn't like it as much as we'd hoped or thought they would.

The awesome kids pool. 1.5 feet deep, and never, ever busy. The kids had a blast. We spent so many hours here!

My gorgeous kids and I.

More to come...we have a birthday to celebrate tomorrow though :)