Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cancun! (Part 1)

We are home from our trip to Cancun, totally tanned and relaxed and still in the mindset that we need to say "Hola!" to everyone we meet! What a fantastic vacation - Shawn and I learned that while we can relax while on vacation with the kids, it's a different type of relaxing than we're used to!

The DVD player kept the kids happy on our flights! Phew!

Our first day - torrential rains and wind. It was wild - we had water in our villa! It was a big bummer for our first day.

Day 2 - still cloudy and a bit rainy, but at least it wasn't a downpour. We got our toesies in the sand!

Checking out the ocean!

Sarah and Daddy.

Big fun chairs in the lobby.

Sarah was in love with this chicken planter.

Sarah and I before dessert one night.

The waiter gave the kids water in fancy water glasses - they loved it!

Day 3 - it got sunnier! Finally played in the ocean a bit. (The kids weren't fans!)

Sarah let me put her down but then immediately wanted to be picked back up!

Jumping! This is where the tide comes up to at night - you can tell they've dredged sand to replace missing beach (damage from Wilma in 2006 still) and
every night the tide washes away more sand.

Jeremiah found some ants and just had to get on to crawl on him. He loves to watch bugs!

Halfway buried in the sand!

Day 4 - breakfast on the balcony! Weather was getting more and more beautiful!

To the beach again - but then we left - the kids just didn't like it as much as we'd hoped or thought they would.

The awesome kids pool. 1.5 feet deep, and never, ever busy. The kids had a blast. We spent so many hours here!

My gorgeous kids and I.

More to come...we have a birthday to celebrate tomorrow though :)


shanna said...

looks like fun...our community pools are only 2 ft and the kids love it.

Kortney said...

Looks like you guys had lots of fun!!

mini and brother said...

This looks like a dream vacation! The ocean looks beautiful! I'm so happy for your family!