Monday, March 28, 2011


Our little Sarah turned 2 on the 27th! Some days it seemed like time was going by so slowly and then, now, looking back, I'm not sure where the time has gone!

My chunky little newborn

My happy little one year old

My sweet smart two year old

I didn't throw a party for her this year. I know, TERRIBLE! I'm going to hear about it in 10 years, I'm sure. But, with surgery, etc...I didn't want to plan something that wouldn't be fun, and I like having a month to plan a party at least...which I didn't have. So we did a low-key party with Grandma and Grandpa G at home.

Ice Cream cake from Scooptacular (haven't been there yet? What's wrong with you??)

I have a sad video of Sarah crying as we sang "Happy Birthday" to her...but it will not upload to youtube! Argh!

After the tears, she loved the cake.

Sarah and her Grandma and Grandpa!

Then we opened gifts. (She got clothes. Lots of clothes - she's currently in 4T!)

She had her 2 year check up today and is doing fantastic. She's 36.5" tall (97th percentile) and 32.5lbs (90th percentile). She knows about half the alphabet (WHAT?) and is starting to use several word phrases. She still speaks toddler-English, so she requires a translator, but it's getting better. In the last few days I've gone from "Mama" to "Mommeeeeyy!!" And right now she's asking me to read a book, and of course I will!

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