Monday, January 11, 2010

Visit from Dza Dza!

My Dad came to town from Wisconsin to thaw out and visit his adorable grandchildren.

Sarah liked him!

We visited the zoo...

J & Dza Dza figured out the cone things...

At the park J refers to as "MY PARK"

Had breakfast at the Farm @ South Mountain

I can't believe I actually got a pic of him looking at the camera. He's been downright hateful towards pictures lately.

This doll...HATED the leaves.

Dza Dza and J 'burying' themselves.

Swings at another park!

Watching what J calls "Car Show" (the movie Cars, not my favorite, but suddenly he loves it.)

Cute silly Sarah.

A couple videos:
Sarah and the walker

Sarah going down a slide!


Kim F said...

i love how often your dad comes to see the kids. why doesn't he move here and get out of that yucky Wisc weather?! (sarah's pink coat is too cute.)

Rizzi Blog said...

I'm so glad you guys had a great visit with your dad. Looks like the kids had a blast. Mario likes Cars too, but he calls it the "race car movie". :)

momofal090500 said...

I'll be leaving the yucky WI weather in 8 days to head your way for warmer weather. I hope Vegas is as warm! lol Allison has that same jacket as Sarah! Too cute!!

Patti said...

Your kids are so cute. It's nice when the grandparents can come and visit, isn't it?