Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I love Arizona in the winter...

Before the park pics...baby Sarah has been cracking me up with this face lately. (cute outfit courtesy of Grandma G for Christmas)

Those blue eyes are so gorgeous!

A little dirt never hurt anyone! Except maybe those pants. :(

She loved the little tunnel. She's getting so big - she climbed up the stairs and went in the tunnel all by herself. I was close, being nervous the whole time.

J had a great time, too. He fell and scraped his face about 30 seconds after we got there but recovered quickly.


OUR WILD ZOO! said...

I was thinking of posting an Arizona winter too!! The midwest is being POUNDED and -22 for a high?! Yes, this is why we live in AZ-and shall refer to this post in August, right?

Sarah's eyes look sooO blue in those pictures and I laughed about J in ladder- those boys can get into a pickle anywhere, right?

Praying that 2010 is an amazing, abundant year for you!

Rizzi Blog said...

It looks so warm there! The kids are so cute! I can't believe she is able to climb up there already. Where does the time go?