Saturday, May 9, 2009

Big baby!

Sarah had a small issue this past week so we had to take her to the doctor. She weighs 12lbs 10.5oz. So she gained a little over a pound in a little over a week. She is obviously growing well.

Tummy time.

Big yawn!!

J talking to Bubbie on the phone this morning.

Bro and Sis - as you can see, Sarah is quite big. She weighs half as much as J (who's about 25lbs).


Shelly said...

They are both getting so big!! He seems to be a good big brother!!

Kristi said...

Oh, how I love teeny baby yawns!!

Rizzi Blog said...

So cute! I love the one of them together!


Mikele said...

Everyone is stealing my comments today. Kristi took this one. Dang.

mini and brother said...

She is sooo cute and such a big girl!