Sunday, July 17, 2011

Road Trip - Celtic Festival in Flagstaff and Sedona

It's Phoenix. It's summer. Of course it's hot! We wanted to take a day trip up to Flagstaff to enjoy some cooler temperatures - and Shawn found out about a Celtic Festival from a friend, so we decided to go and check it out!

The drive up is kind of long for the kids - just over 2 hours with one rest stop in the middle.

Naturally, the first place we went to was the kids area. They had a dragon's lair...

A laybrinth!

Face painting (I couldn't believe Sarah did this!)

A scary spider!

They also had a little old fashioned house. Jeremiah and Sarah played over here for a long time!

Sarah busied herself making butter!

Jeremiah really wanted a sword, but those were $20. We settled on the $5 rubber band gun made in China.

The kids (and us) were pretty much done, so we decided to leave. We were there about 5 hours, which for us, is a long time! On the way home, Shawn asked - "Should we stop in Sedona for dinner?" And I said "Of course!"

So off we went! 89A is such a beautiful (and long!) drive...

Perfect when you have two kids sleeping in the back!

The kids were hungry and ate great so they had ice cream sundaes!

We were at Tlaquepaque for dinner, and they have loads of statues and fountains - Jeremiah and Sarah thought it was great! We took a lot of photos.

Cutie Sarah...

Awww! These children are so sweet.

Handsome Dudes!

Jeremiah and I!

They had a bubbler just the kid's size. It was hilarious watching them drying to drink.

Before we left, Sarah kissed this frog. (He didn't turn into a prince.)

It was a really, really fun trip. The kids did great, we had fun as a family, and everyone came home ready for bed. Shawn and I used to do a lot of day trips like this when it was just the two of us - and it felt like we can start doing that again. Yay for kids growing up!

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