Monday, April 11, 2011

Guys Weekend!

Jeremiah and Daddy packed up and headed off to California to visit Grandpa Dan this past weekend - it was a guys weekend - "NO GIRLS ALLOWED!" Here are some fantastic photos from their trip:

Before they left Thursday morning - Sarah tried to stowaway in the back!

So happy to see Grandpa Dan!

Playing Air Hockey

Where Jeremiah slept - his fort under the dining room table!

They were heading out to Knott's Berry Farm when this stopped them...(something happened to Shawn's car, so they had to get towed!)

The tow truck! Jeremiah thought this was sooo cool.

He was thrilled to ride in it (he was in his carseat, FYI!)

Then they went to visit some relatives that had chickens!

J was able to help get the eggs.

"I was strong, Mommy, to carry that heavy bucket!"

All that farmwork is exhausting!

Cuddling with Grandpa

My cute guys :)

Last photo with Grandpa Dan!

They got home on Sunday afternoon and Sarah and I were so happy to see them!

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Emily said...

Suuuuuuuuuuper FUN!!!!!