Sunday, October 11, 2009

If I go crazy it's her fault.

Why do I say that? Well, sweet baby Sarah started on solids (rice cereal, then avacado (spaced out 5 days apart), then bananas). She started developing eczema and then randomly was having allergic reactions, much like this:

It's hard to see in the photo but her eyes are red and swollen and her face is blotchy and a little swollen too.

It wasn't after eating or during eating, they would come on suddenly and then fade. After it happened 2 days in a row I took her to the pediatrician who FINALLY offered to have blood drawn for a pediatric allergy panel. I am still waiting on the results but have decided to stop all solids until the beginning of November and then start over at an even slower introduction schedule.

This means she's back to relying on me for everything. Which I don't mind but for some reason she's gone from a relatively happy child to a shrieking terror if I dare set her down, walk away, put her in the carseat or in our (very nice and expensive) stroller. It's frustrating. I'd like to put her in child care and not have someone get me after 45 minutes because she won't stop crying. Or be able to walk around the zoo with our friends and not have to leave because she's screaming at the top of her lungs because she's in the stroller and not in my arms. I know this is temporary and I keep telling myself that but I really wish it would STOP NOW. I like time away from my babies - it makes me love them more. Thank God she sleeps on her own, though.

Enough of my venting though. She's still gorgeous and sweet and happy as long as I'm doing whatever she wants, LOL. And J is being great through this difficult phase with Sarah, thank God. I don't know what I'd do with both of them losing it on a consistent basis.

J finger painting. What a mess!

Sarah loved her sippy cup.

First time in the sand. She wasn't too sure.

I found a sand art kit at Target for $5. I used to love making these at Great America when I was a kid - J also enjoyed it. He made one for Shawn since Shawn always seems to get upset when I throw J's "art" away.

Shawn's is the smaller one.

Sarah loves it when J pushes/pulls her in the walker. She's nearly tall enough to reach the floor - maybe another 1/2" and she'll be there. J, on the other hand, was actually walking on his own before he was tall enough to use it!

Fishing with Grandpa - he only tangled the line a couple of times.

Sarah helped Grandpa fish.


Shannon said...

Poor baby girl! Love the pic with her and her sippy cup. Make me some sand art, lol.

Rizzi Blog said...

Poor thing! Those eyes want to make me cry! I hope the allergy testing will give you some answers. Good luck friend!

OUR WILD ZOO! said...

Oh Mama. You know I have been able to relate at times like this! I can SO sympathize but you're right: Sarah is beautiful, healthy and amazing! She will grow out of this just as fast as her new phase started. You're doing a great job and remember this too shall pass =)

Love your adorable pictures as always!

Amber said... sad. I will be praying that Sarah doesn't have severe allergies. Ethan is allergic to nuts and has eczema and I'm praying he will grow out of it. So, I can kind-of relate to what you're going through. I'm being much more careful this time around with Emily and slowly introducing her to solids. It sounds like you're a great mom and doing a great job raising your two healthy, adorable kids. How old is Sarah now? It's amazing and sad how fast our kids are growing!

Amber said...

BTW...what a great idea to do sand art! It looks so much fun. I need to buy some for Ethan. :)

mini and brother said...

Just thinking of you and wondering how Sarah is doing?

Mrs. Spice said...

Oh my goodness's been a while since I've checked around on blogs....and what happened....J turned 13! He looks so old...I can't believe it!
Sarah is adorable! She's getting big too! Weren't you just pregnant?! :-)
Loved catching up with you. I'll be praying that the Dr's find out what Sarah is allergic too quickly!

Jennifer said...

I feel your pain, Rachel! Asa was the perfect baby - Lexi was a terror. Is it something about the boy first, girl second order? LOL. Lexi also used to NEVER let me put her down. I thought I was gonna loose it. Especially when we had to sleep STRAIGHT UP for 2-3 mo's straight. Seriously - straight up!