Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Going back in time...Dza Dza's visit

My dad came out to visit us the weekend before J's birthday. We had a great time!

Sarah meets her Dza Dza - not sure what to make of him. :-)

J loves Dza and loved reading books.

They also took walks together (it was still so nice here then!)

And played with play-dough. J finally stopped eating it! YAY!

Me, Sarah and Dza. (When people ask I say I'm 12 months pregnant, LOL)

J didn't want to sit still for a pic.

J loved his shoes,

And his hair...

We had breakfast @ the Farm at South Mountain. It was the last weekend before they closed for the scortching summer. I was only able to eat the bacon and potatoes. Oh Darn.

Dza & both the kids.

My new favorite pic of me and the kids.

Sarah in J's first Christmas jammies. He just fit into them on his first Christmas - he was exactly 6 months old. She's only 3 months and is almost busting out of them.

And just a pic of my baby girl smiling - she is so happy (when we're home) and smiles so much. It is an awesome smile and I love being on the receiving end of them.

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Jenny said...

Great pics Rach!!