Thursday, January 31, 2008

Big boy!

Jeremiah wants to walk. Not crawl, walk. He'll walk around holding onto your fingers for dear life, until he sees something he wants to play with. Then he'll start bouncing up and down until he lands on his butt and picks whatever it may be up. It's been the dog's blanket (nasty!), dog toys, the stairs, shoes, slippers, and yesterday, this sunlight shining through our glass kitchen table and creating a prism effect.

"Hey this is neat! I want to pick it up and put it in my mouth!"

"Why isn't it in my hand?"

And for the past few days we've had 'diaper' time. Usually this is after his blowout - so after I get his clothes off, I let him hang out in his diaper.

Here he is being 'forced' by me to crawl. Today he actually moved forward slightly instead of backwards, so that's good!

And here he is after getting into his second outfit of the day. He really likes standing and can pull himself up into standing position if he has something to grab onto.


Kristi said...

These are the days! Sweet.

Our Family said...

Show off. :)