Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My poor baby!

Life at the Roland household has been tough the last four days. I'd give you a peek into it, but I can't get the video uploaded for some reason. Trust me, it's sad and makes me want to cry when I watch it.

My boy screams..screaming like that I'm sure is normal SOMETIMES for a baby....but not ALL the time. My little monkey has cried like that a lot the last four days. He's been fussy while eating, crying while eating, had the hicuups a lot, burping (then crying) a we went to the doctor. Jeremiah has acid reflux and has to be on Zantac. We just started it last night, and the crying was lessened today, but it's still quite a bit. He was great while we were at the mall for about an hour and forty five minutes, but once we were all started over again. We have to give it two weeks to work. Hopefully it does soon!


robyn said...

Poor little guy! That's got to be hard to handle. It's never easy to see your little one in pain. Hang in there and we'll be praying the medicine helps him soon!

mini and brother said...

Darn it!! So sorry he's not feeling well. I'm praying for you and for the medicine to work quickly!!!