Friday, August 27, 2010

It's been awhile since I have posted a blog, I'm still in a funk so I don't have much to say.

Sarah - she's funny, but still oh so needy. Screams bloody murder if she doesn't get what she wants and she does it a lot. Shawn and I say she acts like she's a spoiled brat - which she isn't! She just loses her mind if things don't go her way. She's getting her incisors in right now, so she hasn't been sleeping well. She's started saying words like "Wow" and "ball" - her voice is oh so cute. She's still my good eater who likes anything that's put in front of her.

Jeremiah - he's sweet and funny. Every so often he'll say: "I have to tell you something, Mommy. I love you." It's adorable. He barely eats but somehow still has the energy to run around like a crazy guy no matter what. He drives me crazy because he talks so much! In the car, at home, all the time, it seems. And he can't just say "Mommy?" It has to be "Mooom-eeee-UH?!?!" over and over again. And the whining - oof. I'm looking forward to that stage ending. I wish we had him in preschool, I think he'd be doing so well but we didn't jump on it when we had the chance. Oh well! He just loves being in the preschool room at church and always balks when it's time to leave. We're going to Mops again this year so I think he'll have a great time there, and we'll possibly be going to BSF so that will be another place where he'll be in a learning environment. We'll see....

Monday, August 16, 2010


The kids woke up at 5am on Saturday (they do that every day, but we had a late Friday night with old friends, so it was extra-painful that morning!). Shawn and I are so tired of the heat, we decided to head to Flagstaff. We were out the door at 7am! We stopped in Black Canyon city at the Rock Springs Cafe for breakfast. Both kids were antsy but it the food was great!

Then we started the trek to Flagstaff. J fell asleep on the way there, but Sarah somehow managed to stay awake the whole time. We went to our favorite park, Thorpe Park and played. I wore jeans for some reason, thinking I'd be comfortable in 80 degrees. (I wasn't, but it was still 30 degrees cooler than Phoenix!)

Playing on the fire truck.

These two love the baby swings!

He thought it was so funny to swing and drink at the same time.

Great photo of Shawn and Sarah

New hair on Mama, cute BHBG

We stopped at Beaver Street Brewing Company for lunch, and then were going to head to Sunset Crater (yelp on Shawn's phone said it was only 6 miles away). We get on the road, I pull it up on Susan (the GPS on his phone) and it says we're 16 miles away. So, we decided just to head towards home. We stopped in Anthem to stretch, use the bathroom, get a drink and a snack and take some silly photos.

Sarah likes to do this face anytime you close your eyes when you're looking at her.

It never fails to crack me up.

J also made a 'mean face.'

And a 'nice face.'

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Shaking off the funk!

Ever since we returned from Washington I've been in a funk. Not just a usual post-vacation funk, but a real, nasty, funk. It doesn't hurt that we all caught colds over the weekend (except for Shawn, who's starting to get sick now, of course). I think it's because I really, really miss being in Washington. I didn't realize how much I loved it there until this last trip, and I wish I could be back there now. It doesn't hurt that the weather here is less than pleasant so it makes Washington even more appealing. get rid of the funk, here are a few photos since we've been home.

Cuddling with Daddy

JUMPING on Mommy - my poor stomach!

They were holding hands walking around the kitchen. How cute!

She is obsessed with the mop. As soon as I open the pantry she runs to it and takes it out and cries when I put it back.